The entire OCTOPUS system can now be accessed through the browser

This means that everything you know from the PC version today can now be used on mobiles, tablets, Apple products, etc. It has been a big wish from the beginning that all users should have access – and we are happy and not least proud of the great response our new web-app has already received.

In our own hotels, the web-app is already in use. It has become a very well-liked tool in everyday life for both receptionists, cleaning- and service staff.

Get a free review of the web-app

We are more than happy to provide a free and of course non-binding review of the system. Contact us to arrange further.

Get off to a good start

The system will have created some standards from the start. The entire system can be freely edited, so the demo is as faithful as possible to your hotel / restaurant.

1. Select language
Click on the 3 small dots in the upper right corner and select “Account”. Here, user information can be adjusted, and you can choose from among the current 9 different languages.

2. Edit hotel, events (restaurant) and cash register
Example: To edit your hotel setup, click “Hotel”. Then click on the ‘gear’ symbol in the upper right corner to get a wide menu at the top front. Here you will be able to edit everything from messages, online booking, rooms, prices etc. In the same way, events and cash registers can be edited and set up to your wishes.

3. The menu at the bottom contains several benefits for everyday life
Here you will find “Forgotten cases”, “Group bookings”, “Reports” and “Tasks”

Are you already a customer of OCTOPUS?
Existing customers simply log in with their current user information. Then follow the following steps and the entire system will now be set up like your current PC system.

  • Click on the ’gear’ symbol in the top right corner
  • Click on “Layout”, create a new one and name it (You decide. For example, your hotel name)
  • Then click on the newly created layout and activate all content.
  • Voilá – the whole system is now transferred to the web-app.

Create your demo system in no time with a few clicks

We offer everyone access to our new system in the web-app – of course completely free as long as you need to test and get to know the system.

We are ready to answer your questions!

There has been a great focus on navigation design and maintaining a simple design – but if you have even the smallest questions to be able to move forward in the system, do not hesitate to contact us!