Recommendations from OCTOPUS customers

We enjoy hearing  from customers, whose work has become easier with the intelligent software from OCTOPUS.
Here is a brief selection of recommendations.

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We have used OCTOPUS at our 3 hotels for a few years and are very satisfied. OCTOPUS is a user-friendly system that has clearly been developed in this decade - unlike the systems we have used in the past. The system is easy and intuitive, making it easier to train new colleagues who can quickly commit to the system.

We are especially happy with the link to OTAs, this works very well. OCTOPUS automatically updates the OTAs, so we are not suddenly overbooked. We only need to change availability and prices, which are automatically sent out to the OTAs, while also sending the bookings directly into our system.
Another very important thing is that OCTOPUS does not limit the number of users, licenses and workstations. This means that an employee can sit at home in their living room and take care of the reception and the telephone, make work schedules, etc.
Reports and statistics are legible and logical - and if a report is missing, OCTOPUS is always willing to make it, usually even for free.

The support is efficient, friendly, accommodating and not least extremely competent. We would like to recommend OCTOPUS to everyone else in the business.
Torben Larche
Owner, Løgstør Parkhotel, Løgstør Badehotel
& Hotel Nilles Kro
OCTOPUS is an easy-to-use and very intuitive system – and new employees quick learns how to use it. With OCTOPUS´s it is easy to use integration with Danish Statistics Bureau, it makes reporting a one-click task and the cleaning app has helped us get rooms ready for check-in in short order. The great advantage of using the system is how smart and flexible it is, and how we are able to suggest changes and new ideas, so the system can perfectly fit the way that we run our business. Also, the lack of a binding period inspires confidence in the company.
Dorte Jensen
Hotel Manager, Hotel Bethel
OCTOPUS is a visionary and innovative booking software provider. It is of great value that their; cash register system, booking system and conference system, are unified in one scalable and easy-to-use solution. We are especially satisfied with the statistics that we can pull from the solution; statistics that we use to optimize the operation of our business. Also, OCTOPUS always provides great solution oriented support, something that holds a lot of value for us.
Peder Christian Holm Pedersen
Innkeeper, Hvalpsund Færgekro
We migrated 31 Danhostels to OCTOPUS during the fall of 2019.
Such an extensive change, can often seem unmanageable and can be fraught with uncertainty. OCTOPUS managed to make the implementation process run smoothly, both for our 31 hostels as well as for our main office, who operates the integrations with the booking systems, statistical modules, CRM, CMS and our Rating system. OCTOPUS always provides us with great support from their very patient employees, that are always willing to help us, if we need guidance with the system or if we need adjustments to our setup.
Anette Brylov Hansen
Online- and Marketing manager, Danhostel
OCTOPUS is a good booking system that is easy to work in. It is a dream with a constantly updated booking system where overbooking is not possible. It provides a great relief in our daily work. There are also many fine details in the system as well as great support options.

OCTOPUS can definitely get my best recommendation.
Eddy-Britt Knudsen
Owner, Klostergaarden
We switched to OCTOPUS in May 2018 - after careful consideration.
A switch from a large and old system to a young and dynamic system is not without challenges, as change usually requires breaks with habits, new workflows and acceptance that the very same data cannot be drawn right away.
Since the switch, we have experienced a service out of the ordinary - with a team of friendly, smiling and happy employees, who have been very helpful and openminded all the way. This makes all the difference. We highly recommend OCTOPUS to other hotels.
Brit & Christian Petersen
Owners, Residens Møen
We have chosen OCTOPUS as a partner because OCTOPUS is:
Without any contract period
Easy and manageable for our staff to operate - also for the reserve servers
Flexible to work in
Automatically updated on all booking portals, such as, etc. - thanks to the smart ChannelManager
Easily accessible online with own booking software at both hotel and restaurant level
Focused on providing the best support
Hans Ravn
Owner, St. Binderup Kro
We have been a customer of OCTOPUS since 2018, and it has proved to be a great relationship, that we have been continuously satisfied with. We have a booking system that is modern and straightforward, and therefore also very accessible for new employees.

We are especially satisfied with the Channel Manager system, that has great integration to OTA´s, so we automatically avoid overbooking. OCTOPUS price adjustment features are also easy-to-use and quick to set up, something that has helped us increase profits. Last, but not least: OCTOPUS is synonymous with great service and immediate solutions to challenges that might occur.
Søren Mejlvang
Hotel Manager, Hotel Frederikshavn
I had no doubt when replacing my previous system with OCTOPUS, when I found it online. And it could only be a success when the CEO himself was both a hotel owner and an IT developer. OCTOPUS is very flexible and easy to use and I have more time for my guests now. I have been a customer almost from the beginning, and I am very positive about the development that the company is going through. It also benefits me and Femmasteren.
The support is always helpful and friendly.
Ulla Nørgaard
Owner, Femmasteren
The best thing that happened to us in 2017 was finding OCTOPUS. The world's best and most user-friendly system. We no longer have to keep an eye on how many hotel rooms are left and move rooms between the booking platforms. We have an easy overview of the rooms, including cleaning and a good cash register, integrated with e-conomic. Now we have time for what we are passionate about, our guests. We highly recommend OCTOPUS.
Esbern Juhl & Thomas Havskjær
Owners, Godstedlund B&B
OCTOPUS is a user-friendly system providing a great general overview. We are especially pleased with the integration between the rooms and the restaurant - it makes our job much easier.