Recommendations from OCTOPUS customers

We enjoy hearing  from customers, whose work has become easier with the intelligent software from OCTOPUS.
Here is a brief selection of recommendations.

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The best thing that happened to us in 2017 was finding OCTOPUS. The world's best and most user-friendly system. We no longer have to keep an eye on how many hotel rooms are left and move rooms between the booking platforms. We have an easy overview of the rooms, including cleaning and a good cash register, integrated with e-conomic. Now we have time for what we are passionate about, our guests. We highly recommend OCTOPUS.

Esbern Juhl & Thomas Havskjær
Owners, Godstedlund B&B
OCTOPUS has meant that our staff doesn’t need a specific background as receptionists, because the system is so easy and simple. It is manageable and has all the features we need to house our guests and welcome them in the best possible way. It works incredibly well as a channel manager. Our other booking agents, who can book at the hotel, are registered directly in the system and will allocate the rooms themselves. Therefore, we are never overbooked. We don’t have to think about it – it’s fantastic.

Elise Bender
Supervisor, Hotel 6400
OCTOPUS is a user-friendly system providing a great general overview. I am especially pleased with the integration between the rooms and the restaurant - it makes my job much easier.
Anja Sichau
Receptionist, DET GAMLE RÅDHUS
Switching to OCTOPUS has meant that we, much more calmly, can stand out here among the cabins, talking with the guests, focusing on what we actually need to focus on; the wellbeing of our guests. In the past, we were more stuck, because we had to manually enter bookings. Now, we can calmly stay among the guests because the bookings enter OCTOPUS automatically.
One of the most amazing things about OCTOPUS is actually that it is so intuitive to use. I can see that all our new employees think it is straightforward and looks like something they already know.
Camilla Dvinge
Co-owner, Dancamps