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Modules for Hotel Booking

Hotel Booking
is able to handle multiple hotels in the same software.
The smart Channel Manager ensures that bookings from online booking portals, such as,, Expedia and more, are automatically updated in Hotel Booking. Channel Manager keeps all booking portals synchronized with regards to both rates and available rooms, avoiding overbooking.

Hotel Booking provides a flexible, visual presentation of room bookings, rates and availability with easily changed time periods, quick updating of prices etc. The system handles multi-booking of rooms, drag & drop to move bookings, and CTRL-drag to copy a booking as well as managing payments.

The software is intuitive and flexible to work with and it is possible to automatically book tables in the breakfast restaurant, block rooms, groups of room, or the entire hotel for instance for repairs or renovations.

Hotel Booking also provides arrival and departure lists, guest lists. Confirmations, reminders and invoices can be sent by email as well as printed and are available in Danish, English and German.

The software includes reports, occupancy rates for rooms, room groups and the entire hotel, booking history as well as turnover reports – often delivered in the form of pivot tables.

OCTOPUS Conference System is total management of all need connected with conferences. The software gives a clear plan for even the most complex conferences.

Build conferences from A to Z. Associate specific venues and locations to the conference – at specific times. This allows you to manage and adjust an overall itinerary in the conference system. Additional resources such as AV equipment and flower decoration are easily added. The software also gives you a great outline of all rooms and hotel bookings connected to the conference. The software also offers event management and task lists with information about what is to be served where and when. A useful tool in terms of staffing planning and task management among staff.

Make key cards for your guests with the clever Salto/Vingcard access control system – even beforehand. The key cards only work in the relevant time period.

Automatically send satisfaction surveys to guests after their visit. Satisfaction surveys can be tailored as needed and are available in Danish, English and German. The standard surveys consist of a few, short, relevant and easily answered questions.

Online booking through the hotel’s own website – applies to both hotel rooms and package deals.

The Housekeeping App gives an automatic cleaning status for all rooms – even for ‘stays’. The smart photo registration provides fast processing of ad hoc repairs and forgotten items. The app also enables the cleaning staff to see, take and give notes and registrations from the minibar.

The Housekeeping App makes it easy to keep track of the status of all rooms – both those where guests travel and those where they stay. With the app, the cleaning staff can easily see which rooms are available for cleaning and which rooms are not. This means an easier and faster workflow of the rooms.

With the smart app, you get the opportunity to give your guests an extra good service – and as a bonus you get rid of physical cleaning lists.

Our Housekeeping app is smart because:

  • The electronic cleaning list shows immediately when guests check out – so the cleaning can begin.
  • Staff can regularly check that the rooms are clean and ready for check-in. It appears immediately in the system at the reception – so you, for example, have the opportunity to offer waiting guests their room ahead of time.
  • There is a photo registration to document ad hoc repairs to be performed – which can be seen at the reception.
  • Forgotten items are easily registered with a picture – which can be seen in the reception, which has direct access to the guest’s contact information.
  • It is easy to register the status of the minibar and write notes.

Clever task management integrated in the system. Create tasks for guest requests and assign to relevant employees.
Emails can automatically enter the system as tasks that can be prioritized and forwarded throughout the organization.

Leads is a software-based telemarketing tool for intelligent management and maintenance of customer contact and canvassing lists, mapping of relevant markets and pipelines. The software can be tailored to the individual company’s needs and wishes. The database holds all relevant customer information, such as contact, direct numbers, email addresses, notes, reminders, priority assigned, etc. All information in the database can be found using the search function.

Integrated registration of working hours which can be exported to Excel. The employees register their hours through a website which is accessible from computers and mobile units.

Create multiple users in OCTOPUS PMS – both different user types and access levels.

  • Guests can read everything about the hotel, the area, experiences, parking, offers, etc. 
  • Guest can easily change personal information such as email, name and billing address. When this is stored, the information is updated in OCTOPUS. 
  • At group bookings the guest can update the booking in OCTOPUS with each guest names.

Example of a full self-service flow:
• The guest makes a booking at at your hotel
• OCTOPUS sends an order confirmation via SMS/mail to the guest. A link to the Personal Guestbook and a payment link is sent (if booking is not already paid on
• The guest pays easily from the mobile via payment link
• The guest receives a receipt plus PIN for hotel access and room access instruction
• There is automatically check-in when the guest uses the PIN for the first time.
• The guest can order extra services and pay via the Personal Guestbook
• Guest can check-out on their own – if balance is not paid, payment is made via mobile before check-out
• Invoice is sent to the Personal Guestbook and the guest can find it there

This system can among other things handle a full self-service-concept, so the guests can check-in via PIN-code.

Score some valuable points with your guests.
There is no reason that your guests should stand in line during hand-in and returning the room keys – they may already experience a queue, for example traffic or at the airport, so another queue for their final destination may seem inconvenient!

We have integration and collaboration with several providers of electronic lock systems – and the result are happy guests and shorter time on administrative tasks for the personnel.

Example of the benefits:

  • Prices have now dropped significantly.
  • Save time at the reception, for example handing over the keys, printing out of invoices etc.
  • The guest will automatically receive the code in the morning on the 1st day of stay.
  • The door codes can be set-up so that, it will not be send to the guest until they pay the booking.
  • Do you have some premises that not everyone should be able to access? Give to the guests a personal access to, for example, fitness, pool, function rooms, playroom or other.
  • The guest can – after receiving – change their own code via Personal Guestbook (which is automatically checked in the system to see if it is available)

The add-on-module is limited only by the imagination. For example we have ‘Parking’ in the OCTOPUS system. When your guests book a stay, they can select a parking space. When there are no more available spots at the parking lot the guests will not be offered one – this is all automatic.

The module may also be relevant if you offer reservation of bicycles and canoes, the possibility of massage, a guided tour or a cold bottle of champagne in the room on arrival.

Modules for Cash Register

Cash Register has all the features, which a modern software cash register must have, including cash payment, credit card payment, gift card payment, billing, payment to room, split bill and reconcilliation.

Cash Register has a completely customizeable work window with optional setup of products, colors, product groups and prices. The cash register is intuitive to use, flexible to work with and offers, among other things, changing of texts and prices during entering, which makes it possible to create products on the fly.

Cash Register can also print, save and retrieve receipts, print kitchen receipts, print bills and provide reports as pivot tables.

Full integration with e-conomic is possble.

Integrate the online accounting  system e-conomic with OCTOPUS, and make handling and posting of invoices and receipts easier than ever. All payments are linked to customer accounts and all order lines, payments, reconciliations and invoices are automatically transferred to your e-conomic system.

Handle unlimited currencies.

Create and print gift cards directly in OCTOPUS. Choose expiration date, amount and description and write a personal text for the recipient.
All gift cards are handled with unique IDs.  Gift and deal certificates from external partners can also be handled with this module.

See an example of an online solution that can be implemented on your website with just a button or simple link directly to buy gift cards from you.


Get full control of all your takeaway orders.

Our Takeaway Order System works as an online shop with your own products, where your customers can place an order and ship directly to the restaurant. On the order, you can e.g. see whether the order has been paid online and read special requests and notes about the delivery.

The order is automatically printed in your restaurant/kitchen.

The system is also ideal in many other situations; for instance, if a hotel guest asks for breakfast as room service or a bottle of wine to be served at the arrival. It is only the imagination that sets the limit.

Our Takeaway Order System is of course fully integrated with the OCTOPUS system, as you know it.

E-MENU is your restaurant’s menu directly on your guests’ smartphones.

The time with unnecessary waiting when placing orders is now over. With OCTOPUS E-menu, your guests get a direct line to your kitchen and bar via their smartphone. This way, the order is handled quickly and hygienic, while giving the waiter more time for a personal service. A QR code is generated for each table, which guests can easily scan with their mobiles. When scanned, guests will be directed straight to your menu with headlines, descriptions, texts and prices.

The many advantages of using E-MENU
With our language module, guests can choose which language they prefer. Right now, we offer your menu card to be automatically translated into 9 languages ​​(Danish, English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish) – while working on offering even more languages soon. In addition, guests can also see pictures of your food, which often inspires to additional sales and reduces incorrect purchases. 

E-MENU can be customized to your specific needs
If you want to offer outdoor tables with a specific menu, you can easily create new QR codes that are linked to only these tables. It is also easy to set time intervals for e.g. lunch- and evening menus. You choose the time, and the correct menu card is displayed, when scanning at a given time. This way, you ensure that guests will not order e.g. a lunch dish during the evening.

If your waiters are supplied with a mobile, they will also be able to scan the QR code and accept the order. This way, guests are still being personally served at their table, while you avoid handwritten notes, which need to be entered into the system afterwards.

E-MENU can also be used for events
If a party or event is held in your premises, where the host has agreed on a specific price and selection, a customized menu can also be made for this. For instance, if the host of an event has requested that only water, beer and wine can be served, only these 3 things will appear on the menu, when guests of the event scan the QR code for ordering.

Modules for Table Booking

Table Booking is able to handle several restaurants, bars and conference rooms in the same system. The system provides a clear and comprehensive overview of all orders. Including table booking, room booking and location booking – as well as the number of adults, number of children, high chairs, etc.

The software is flexible to work with, and you can override events, e.g. if the restaurant is closed for breakfast just for a day.

The module has built-in event management for anniversaries and events, and can print itineraries for all orders which provide a clear overview and starting point for the staff.

The system also offers email/text confirmations and reminders to guests, as well as turnover reports – often as pivot tables.

OCTOPUS creates a basic drawing of the restaurant tables etc. which gives a quick and flexible visualization of all tables. The drawings can be moved around easily, and be combined and adapted to the day’s program.

Automatically send satisfaction surveys to guests after their visit. Satisfaction surveys can be tailored as needed and are available in Danish, English and German. The standard surveys consist of a few, short, relevant and easily answered questions.

Online table booking through the restaurant’s own website. Events can be assigned specific locations to ensure that bookings are automatically entered in the correct location.