One system for your entire hotel,
restaurant, café, bar, B&B, campsite etc.


OCTOPUS contains all the functions you need for the daily operation of your hotel, restaurant, café, bar, B&B, campsite etc.

You no longer have to update your availability manually on every single online booking site, OCTOPUS integrates with Booking.com, Hotels.com, Expedia and many others. The updating thus happens automatically for every booking your receive, and you avoid overbooking.

Every day becomes more efficient
You get a helper with incredibly many arms. Cash register, online payment, table booking and  working hour registration are just some of the functions which OCTOPUS also covers. Your working day will be more efficient whether you offer 10 or several hundred rooms, providing the basis for a better business.

Easy to learn and great service
We have developed a user-friendly system, offering both you and your staff training to make it easy for you to use OCTOPUS right away. There are no minimum contract period, and we provide free support during normal working hours – and answer your call within 15 seconds.

The history of OCTOPUS

OCTOPUS is developed by the phone solution provider ipnordic A/S in Gråsten, Denmark with CEO Thorben G. Jensen in the forefront.  In March 2015 the company bought the town’s former city hall and converted it to a hotel and restaurant called DET GAMLE RÅDHUS. Here the idea of a new complete system to make it easier and cheaper to run a hotel was born.

Thorben G. Jensen was shocked at how difficult and stressful it could be when the hotels availability had to be kept constantly up to date on the big booking sites. At the same time it became very costly, because the price for booking- and reservations systems for both the hotel and restaurant quickly added up to thousands of Euros. Together with ipnordic’s IT developers he set to work creating one complete system, which could meet all the challenges you face as a hotel owner. At the same time it was essential to consider price and user-friendliness, to make it available to everyone – whether you run a small B&B or a large hotel in Copenhagen.

If you know ipnordic A/S,  you  also know the unique customer service, and that has been incorporated into OCTOPUS;

No minimum contract period and free support on weekdays from 9am to 3pm.


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